Potassium Sulfate


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1. Product description:

Potassium sulfate is a kind of high-component quick-acting potassium fertilizer, mainly prepared from sulfate ore anhydrous magnesia and potassium chloride as raw materials. It is white or light yellow crystalline particles, and has two crystal forms: α-type and β-type . α-type is colorless crystal of hexagonal system, β-type is colorless crystal of orthorhombic system. It has a bitter and salty taste. Generally, it contains 90%-95% potassium sulfate, 50%-52% potassium (K2O), 16% sulfur (S), and less than 2.2% chlorine (Cl); in addition, there are still a small amount of sodium (Na) and calcium ( Ca), magnesium (Mg) and bromine (Br), etc. Chemicalbook is insoluble in ethanol, acetone and carbon disulfide, but easily soluble in water, can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants, and can be used as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and top dressing. Experiments have proved that the application of 1 kg of potassium sulfate can increase the yield of food crops by 6-8 kg, and the yield of sugar beet by 15.5-22.5 kg. Some crops that avoid chlorine (such as fruits, flax, tobacco, tea, citrus, potatoes, etc.) can not use potassium chloride, but can use potassium sulfate. Applying potassium sulfate to acidic soil requires proper application of lime or mixed application with phosphate rock powder fertilizer, which can increase the utilization rate of phosphorus without increasing the acidity of the soil.

Potassium sulfate dissolves in water immediately after being applied to the soil and dissociates into K+ and SO2-4; part of K+ is absorbed by plants and produces a physiological acid reaction, and the other part of K+ is absorbed by soil colloids and exchanges Ca2+ and other positive Chemicalbook ions into the soil. In the solution, it forms CaSO4 with the remaining SO2-4; the latter has low solubility and is not easy to lose with water. In neutral and calcareous soils, the effect on the degree of decalcification and acidification of the soil is light.

Potassium sulfate

English NamePotassium Sulfate
CAS Number7778-80-5
Molecular FormulaK2O4S
Molecular Weight174.2592
EINECS Number231-915-5
Melting Point1067°C
Boiling Point1689°C
Flash Point1689°C
Storage ConditionsInert atmosphere,Room Temperature
SolubilityH2O: 0.5 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
FormVery Fine Crystals or Powder
PH Value5.5-7.5 (25℃, 0.5M in H2O)
Water Solubility110 g/L (20 ºC)

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Shenyu Energy(Shandong) Development Co., Ltd is Located in the beautiful spring city, Ji'nan Shandong, is a new enterprise integrating production, sales and service.Our products mainly include organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, daily chemicals and other chemical raw materials. The company was first established in 2006, and has 12 years experience in domestic trade, and has established stable cooperative relations with many well-known factories in China. In 2013 , we opened up overseas markets and formally established the foreign trade department. The total annual sales amount reached 50 million dollars, international market accounts for 30 million. There are more than 200 employees, 10 technicians, 20 salesmen, more than 100 after sales and other staff. We have professional technical and sales who can solve the doubt for you. the company has served hundreds of enterprises in large and small scale use the core concept of "the customer first, the good faith is supre" . Because of the reliable quality, reasonable price and good quality, we have got a good reputation in the chemical industry. The company will be in accordance with the national "The Belt and Road" policy, committed to be chemical industry leader, contribute to the development of the world economy. Make “shenyu”as a world brand. We will continue to provide you with top-class products and services, look forward to cooperating with you.

Shenyu Energy(Shandong) Development Co., Ltd

Shenyu Energy(Shandong) Development Co., Ltd

Shenyu Energy(Shandong) Development Co., Ltd

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Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A1: We are chemical factory in China. So we can provide wholesale price.

Q2: How can I get the samples?

A2: We can provide you free sample for our existing products, the lead time is about 1-2 days.You just need to pay the sample delivery cost.

Q3: Can you provide relevant documents?

A3: Of course. We can provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA,Health certificate and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements,just let us know.

Q4: Do you accept third party inspection?

A4: Yes.we do.

Q5: If the inspection result can not meet the agreement between the two sides,can you bear all the losses caused by this?

A5: Yes, we can. We guarantee that the samples provided will meet the needs of our clients and we will bear the risk of default.

Q6: What types of containers are used to package products from your company?

A6: It is generally 20'FCL or according to customers’ requirement.

Q7: How long is your delivery time?

A7: Generally it is with 7 days if the goods are in stock. According to quantity your required,the delivery time may slightly change.

Q8: What’s your terms of payment?

A8: We can accept various payment methods, L/C, T/T, Paypal, Western Union etc.

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A9: Of course, we can.

Q10: What kind of products does your company still manufacture?

A10: We main deal chemicals, Pet products, Bicycle,Fishing Gear etc.

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