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Shenyu Energy Shandong Development Co Ltd is Located in the beautiful spring city Ji nan Shandong is a new enterprise integrating production sales and service Our products mainly include organic chemicals inorganic chemicals food additives pharmaceutical intermediates daily chemicals and other chemical raw materials The company was first established in 2006 and has 12 years experience in domestic trade and has established stable cooperative relations with many well known factories in China In 2013 we opened up overseas markets and formally established the foreign trade department The total annual sales amount reached 50 million dollars international market accounts for 30 million There are...

Categories and Products

Basic Organic Chemicals

Alcohol And Hydroxybenzene

Top Grade Paraformaldehyde With CAS 30525-89-4 Benzene with CAS 71-43-2 Xylene with CAS 1330-20-7 Top Grade Glycerol with CAS 56-81-5 High Purity 99% Min Industry Grade Hexylene Glycol Top Quality 99% Industrial Methanol Price Clear Liquid of Diacetone Alcohol Top Grade 99.9% Ethanol Industry Grade High Purity 99.9% Diethylene glycol For Industry Grade Hot Sale Polyethylene Glycol Factory Supplied Low Price Isopropanol Alcohol IPA Hot Selling Tert-Butanol with Reasonable Price Reasonable Price Neopentyl Glycol 99% Min Cas126-30-7 Competitive Price 2-Butoxye Thanol Basic Organic Chemicals 2-Methyl-1-propanol CAS 78-83-1 Basic Organic Chemicals 1-Butanol With Low Price Good Supply 1-Octanol With Best Price Industrial Grade Organic Solvent N N-Dimethylformamide 99.5% Benzene with Low Price Lowest Price Styrene with Einecs 202-851-5 

Ether And Aldehyde

100% Purity Butyldiglycol Cas 112-34-5 Low Price 99% Min 2-Butoxyethanol For Sale High Purity Polyacrylamide (PAM) as Raw Materials High Purity Silver chloride with CAS No. 7783-90-6 

Ketone And Amine

Hot Sale Cheap 99.8% Cyclohexanone Price Organic Intermediate Acetoacetanilide Good Price Top Grade Benzophenone with CAS 119-61-9 Low Price 3-Methyl-2-butanone CAS 563-80-4 Dye intermediates 4-Methyl-2-pentanone CAS Number 108-10-1 Methyl vinyl ketone Price CAS 78-94-4 Supply Acetophenone With Good Price CAS 98-86-2 Low Price 2-chloroacetophenone with CAS 532-27-4 Rodenticide intermediates Phenylacetone CAS No. 103-79-7 High Quality Laurocapram with CAS 59227-89-3 Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Acetylacetone CAS 123-54-6 Chemical Material Dimeric Mercapto Propanone Uses Organic Chemicals Dibenzylideneacetone DBA 99%min Industry Grade Mesityl Oxide for Sale 99% min Benzalacetone CAS 122-57-6 

Benzene And Derivatives

Factory Price Industry Grade Xylene Organic Chemicals 99.9% O-Xylene CAS 95-47-6 High purity 2-Ethoxyphenol cas 94-71-3 

Ester And Derivatives

Hot Sale Ethyl Acrylate Cas No.140-88-5 High Quality Sec-butyl Acetate 99% Min for Pesticide Industry Grade Butyl acetate With CAS 123-86-4 Low Price Industry Grade Methyl acetate Price 99.9% Ethyl Acetate Price In Buck Liquid Butyl Acetate for Industry Hot Sale Ethyl Acetate Cas141-78-6 Best Sale Butyl Acrylate Clear Liquid Methy Acrylate Cas No.108-05-4 Vinyl Acetate Industrial Chemicals Butyl Methacrylate N-propyl Methacrylate Cas 2210-28-8 Chemical Ethyl Methanesulfonate Cas 62-50-0 Pharmaceutical Intermediates Ethyl Chloroatate Organics Chemical Methyl Chloroformate 99.5% Min Methyl Chloroacetate Pharmaceutical Intermediates Ethyl Chloroformate Poly Ethylene Glycol Succinate Ethyl Acetoacetate EAA Cas 141-97-9 Material Science Poly Vinyl Acetate 

Organic Acid

Hot Sale 99% min Sulfanilic Acid for Sale Fine White Needle Crystal Powder Salicylic Acid High Quality Adipic Acid 99.8% CAS 124-04-9 Succinic Acid Price 99.% Min Cas 110-15-6 Industrial Grade 80% Oleic acid In Bulk Whole Sale Food Grade Bulk Acetic Acid Sufactant Sodium 3-nitrobenzenesulphonate with CAS 127-68-4 High quality Citric acid with cas 77-92-9 Tartaric acid with high purity 99% cas 526-83-0 High purity 99% Acetic acid glacial cas 64-19-7 High quality Stearic acid cas 57-11-4 Hot selling Oxalic acid dihydrate cas 6153-56-6 Oleic acid with high purity cas 112-80-1 Industrial Formic acid 99% cas 64-18-6 High purity 99% Methyl acetate CAS 79-20-9 Ethyl acetate with high purity cas 141-78-6 High quality Succinic acid cas 110-15-6 Humic acid price cas 1415-93-6 Adipic acid price cas 124-04-9 Hot sale Acrylic acid cas 79-10-7 

Organic Salt

Immediately Delivery Sodium Salicylate Cas No.54-21-7 Industrial Grade Pentasodium Triphophate Hexhydrate High Quality Potassium Nitropruss Industrial Sodium Ethoxide CAS No. 141-52-6 High Purity Sodium Methanolate with CAS No. 124-41-4 Malonic Acid Disodium Salt with CAS No. 141-95-7 High Purity Sodium Pyruvate with CAS No. 113-24-6 Agriculture Fertilizer EDTA Ferric Sodium Salt Bottom Price Sodium Diphenylamine-4-Sulfonate Stock Delivery Sodium P-Toluenesulfonate High Purity Phenyl Phosphate Disodium Salt with 3279-54-7 High Purity Sodium Sulfosalicylate with CAS No. 1300-64-1 ISO Certificate Sodium Pentachlorophenolate Reasonable Price Sodium Tauroglycocholate 99% Min Sodium Deoxycholate Fine Chemical Disodium Edetate Dihydrate 99% Min Manchester Blue White Powder Sodium Oleate 99.5% Min Silver Acetate High Quality Ammonium lactate with CAS No. 515-98-0 

Hydrocarbon And Derivatives

Organic Chemicals High Quality C2H4Cl2 Dichloroethane 

Other Organic Chemical

Best price Cyclohexane Solvent CAS No. 110-82-7 Food Grade Disodium Succinate 80% Purity Hydrazine Hydrate Great Purity 98% 1-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone Chemical solvent Organic Chemicals Methylcyclohexane Industry Grade Hexamethylenetetramine CAS 100-97-0 Hot Sale Potassium Ethylxanthate ISO9001 Certificate Potassium Palmitate Catalyst Emulsifier Potassium Oleate Dipotassium EDTA Cas 2001-94-7 Fast Delivery Potassium Tetraphenylborate 97 99.7% Purity Sodium Metal 98% Min Copper Sulfate Basic Tetraethyl Lead Cas 78-00-2 Industrial Grade Octadecanamine CAS 124-30-1 Low Price Triethylenediamine with CAS 280-57-9 Hot Sale Chemical Material Diethylenetriamine CAS 111-40-0 Sample Offered Triethylenetetramine with Good Quality Hot Sale Organic Chemical Material With CAS 110-18-9 Shenyu Supplied High Class CAS 112-57-2 Good Quality 

Inorganic Chemicals

Inorganic Alkali

21645-51-2 Aluminum hydroxide Fine Powder 

Elementary Substances

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Soda Lime Standard Solution Sodium Sulfate Elementary Substance Gallium with CAS 7440-55-3 

Inorganic Acids

Beryllium Sulfate Tetrahydrate CAS 7787-56-6 Inorganic Chemicals Beryllium Oxide CAS 1304-56-9 Top Grade Low Price Scandium Oxide CAS 12060-08-1 Magnesium silicate with high quality cas 1343-88-0 Hot sale Magnesium sulfate with cas 7487-88-9 

Oxide Material

Industrial Grade Silicon dioxide with CAS No. 14808-60-7 Supply Top Quality Ferroferric Oxide Powder Price Iron3 Citrate Cas 3522-50-7 Hot Sale Cupric Arsenate Industrial Grade Copric Chloride Dihydrate 98% Min Cuprous Chloride 99% Min Cuprous Bromide Cuprous Idodide Cas 1335-23-5 99% Min Cupric Oxide 98% Min Cuprous Oxide Cupric Hydroxide Cas 20427-59-2 Copper Cyanide Cas 544-92-3 ISO 9001:2005 Certificate Cupric Acetate 98.5% Min Cupric Citrate Water Treatment Chemicals Ferric Sulfate Ag Powder Micro Silver Loose Bulk FeS2 Ferrous Sulfide Reasonable Price Ferric Nitrate Ferric Chloride Cas 7705-08-0 Ferrous Chloride Cas 7758-94-3 

Inorganic Salts

Industrial Grade Sodium hypophosphite with CAS No. 7681-53-0 Inorganic Salt Barium sulfate with CAS No. 7727-43-7 CAS No. 144-55-8 Sodium bicarbonate with Free Sample Fine Anhydrous sodium sulfate with CAS No. 7757-82-6 High Purity Molybdenum Disulfide with CAS No. 1317-33-5 Industrial and Food Grade Ammonium chloride Factory Price and High Purity Sodium thiosulfate Industrial Grade and Food Grade Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Food Grade and Industrial Grade Trisodium phosphate CAS No. 7487-88-9 High Purity Magnesium sulfate 60% Sodium Sulfide Flake For Leather Industry Sodium formaldehydesulfoxylate dihydrate CAS 6035-47-8 Inorganic Industrial Nickel sulfate Catalyst Low Price Sodium Nitrate NNaO3 CAS 7631-99-4 CAS No. 7758-98-7 Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Powder Industrial Grade and Food Grade Ferrous sulfate High Purity 99% Sodium Nitrite Price Industrial and Food Grade Sodium polyphosphate CAS 7775-27-1 Sodium persulfate With Low Price Industrial Calcium Chloride with CAS No. 7774-34-7 

Other Inorganic Chemicals

Low Price Sodium Cobaltinitrite CAS 13600-98-1 Chemical Industry Lead Stearate Inorganic Chemicals Lithium Sulfate Inorganic Salt Lithium Nitrate Inorganic Chemistry Lithium Fluoride Inorganic Chemistry Lead Nitrate Catalytic and Inorganic Lead Dichloride Hot Sale Aniline Hydrochloride with CAS 142-04-1 Calcium formate with best price cas 544-17-2 Hot selling Calcium carbonate cas 471-34-1 Calcium nitrate price with cas 10124-37-5 High quality Ferrocene cas 102-54-5 1302-78-9 Competitive Price Product Bentonite 

Daily Chemicals

Cosmetic Raw Materials

Ketoconazole price cas 65277-42-1 Factory price Lanolin for Medicine/Cosmetic 

Chemical Auxiliary Agents

Methyl Cellulose with CAS 9004-67-5 High Quality Dibutyl phthalate Dioctyl phthalate with CAS117-81-7 Tributyl phosphate with CAS 126-73-8 Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose with CAS 9032-42-2 Ethylene Bis Stearamide with CAS 110-30-5 120# Solvent oil First-Class 200 # Solvent Oil High Quality Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) CAS 9004-32-4 Ferrocene with CAS 102-54-5 Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulphonate with CAS 25155-30-0 Lanolin with CAS 8006-54-0 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(SDS)with CAS 151-21-3 Ammonium Sulfate with CAS 7783-20-2 Calcium Stearate with Cas 1592-23-0 Carboxymethyl Cellulose with Cas 9004-32-4 Sodium Gluconate with CAS 527-07-1 Polyacrylamide with CAS 9003-05-8 PVC Heat Stabilizer Lithium Stearate CAS 4485-12-5 1 3-Diphenylguanidine Price with CAS 102-06-7 

Agricultural Chemicals

Humic Acid Sodium Salt with Cas 68131-04-4 Potassium Humate with CAS 68514-28-3 Humic Acid with CAS 1415-93-6 Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate with CAS 13477-34-4 High quality 1 2-Dichlorobenzene cas 95-50-1 Best price Butylparaben cas 94-26-8 2-Chloroacrylonitrile price cas 920-37-6 Best price Nitrogen fertilizer Ammonium sulfate Best price growth regulator 1-Methylcyclopropene/1-MCP 

Fine Chemical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Hot sale Organic Chemicals CAS 515-74-2 for Industry Good Price CAS 106-42-3 P-Xylene For Sale Shenyu Chemical Material Dichloromethane with Lower Price Chemical Aniline Cas No.:62-53-3 with Free Sample Pharmaceutical Hydroquinone with CAS No. 123-31-9 DMSO Dimethyl sulfoxide with CAS No. 67-68-5 High Quality 99% Sodium 1-octanesulfonate CAS No. 5324-84-5 Pharmaceutical N-Dimethylacetamide with CAS No. 127-19-5 Pharmaceutical Intermediates Reinecke salt Price Hot Sale Ammonium hexafluorosilicate Price High Purity Factory Price Amisulpride Acid Immedaiately Delivery Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt Hydrate Cas 154804-51-0 Sodium Glycerophosphate Emulsifier Product Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium 99% Min Sodium Azide Sodium Laurylsulfonate Cas 2386-53-0 Raw Material Sodium Alginate Cas151-21-3 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Pharmaceutical Intermediates Diethanolamine Cas 111-42-2 Pharmaceutical Intermediates Dipropylamine Cas 142-84-7 

Pesticide Intermediates

Pesticide Intermediates Quinoline with CAS 91-22-5 Pesticides Material Isoquinoline with CAS 119-65-3 Insecticide Material Quinaldine CAS 91-63-4 Agrochemical Intermediate Pyridine with CAS 110-89-1 Pesticide Grade Acridine Hydrochloride with CAS 17784-47-3 High Purity Ethanolamine as Pesticide Intermediate Pesticide Grade 5-Nitrobenzimidazole Price CAS 94-52-0 Hot sale Aniline with cas 62-53-3 Hot sale 2-Aminophenol cas 95-55-6 2-Chloroacrylonitrile 99% cas 920-37-6 Sodium cyanate price cas 917-61-3 Methyl methacrylate 99% cas 80-62-6 Oxalyl chloride price cas 79-37-8 2-Methyl-1-propanol price cas 78-83-1 Cyclopropylamine price cas 765-30-0 Pivalic acid price cas 75-98-9 tert-Butanol price cas 75-65-0 Isopropylamine price cas 75-31-0 2-Chloropropane 99% cas 75-29-6 High quality Cyromazine cas 66215-27-8 

Other Intermediates

Organic Intermediates Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS 77-58-7 Organic Intermediate Sodium pentanesulfonate Price Oxygen Compounds DL Alaninol Bulk Stock 2 Methyl 1 Pronanol Bulk Stock 1-Nonanol Cas 143-08-8 What is Lepidine Price with CAS 491-35-0 Organic Intermediate 8-Hydroxyquinoline With CAS 148-24-3 Reagent 2 2'-Biquinoline Price with CAS 119-91-5 What is o-Phenanthroline Price for Sale Industrial Grade 4-Methylmorpholine with CAS 109-02-4 Organic Intermediate Piperidine Price with CAS 110-89-4 CAS 826-81-3 8-Hydroxyquinaldine Price With Good Quality Organic Intermediate Carbazole with CAS 86-74-8 Cheap Indene Solvent Price with CAS 95-13-6 Chemical Intermediate Thionyl Chloride CAS 7719-09-7 4 4'-Sulfonyldiphenol Price with CAS 80-09-1 Organics Chemical Iodoform Cas 75-47-8 2-Amino-4-chlorophenol price cas 95-85-2 Tris dimethylaminomethyl phenol cas 90-72-2 Tris dimethylaminomethyl phenol with cas 90-72-2 

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Top Grade Sodium 1-heptanesulfonate For Sale High Purity Bismuth subcarbonate with CAS No. 5892-10-4 Industrial Chemical 2-Butanol Cas 78-92-2 Pharmaceutical Materials Pyrimidine Powder Price For Sale 2-Aminopyridine C5H6N2 with CAS 504-29-0 High Purity 99% 5-Fluorouracil with CAS 51-21-8 Cetylpyridinium Chloride Monohydrate with CAS 6004-24-6 1-Tetradecylpyridinium chloride CAS 2785-54-8 1-Hexadecylpyridinium Bromide Price with CAS 140-72-7 Pharmaceutical raw materials Imidazole with CAS 288-32-4 

Food Additives

Food Grade Glucose with CAS No. 50-99-7 Food Grade Ascorbic acid with CAS No. 50-81-7 Food Grade Vitamin E with CAS No. 14638-18-7 Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate with CAS 6132-04-3 SODIUM TARTARIC with CAS 868-18-8 D(-)-Tartaric Acid with CAS 87-69-4 Sodium Alginate with CAS 9005-38-3 Maltodextrin with CAS 9050-36-6 Sodium Benzoate with CAS 532-32-1 Food Grade Sodium Propionate with CAS No. 137-40-6 Food Grade Sodium glutamate with CAS No. 142-47-2 Food Additives Agar Powder With Sample Support Pure Food Additive Potato Flour For Sale Supply Best Price Soluble Starch Powder Best Price Oyster Extract Glycogen CAS 9005-79-2 Perfume Chemical 1-Pentanol Cas 71-41-0 Food Additive 3-Methyl-1-Butanol Cas 123-51-3 Veterinary Raw Materials Inositol Cas 6917-35-7 Oxgen Compounds 1-Heptanol Cas 111-70-6 Food Additive Decyl Alcohol 

Pigment And Dyestuff

Red Ferric oxide Fe2O3 CAS 1309-37-1 Yellow Iron Oxide CAS 1309-33-7 

Plant Extracts

Industrial Chemicals 1-Hydroxyoctadecane Cas 112-92-5 Biochemistry 1-Nonadecanol Cas 1454-84-8 Fine Chemicals Diethylene Glycol 

Other Chemical Material

100% Nature Organic Gum Turpentine Oil Price 523-21-7 Sodium Rhodizonate as Metal Titration Indicators High Purity Barbitone sodium with CAS No. 144-02-5 Reagent Grade Pelltobarbitalum Natricum with CAS No. 57-33-0 Supply 200 Mesh High Puriy 99% Iron Filings Hot Sale 99.8% Copper Powder Price Hot Sale 99% CaCO3 Calcium Powder Factory Price Magnesite Powder Price For Sale Supply 99% Zinc Powder With Factory Price Factory Supplied Nickel Powder Price For Sale Supply Top Quality Cadmium Powder Price 40-325 Mesh Metal Chromium Powder CAS 7440-47-3 Shenyu Supplied Manganese Powder Price High Purity 99.9% Antimony Powder for Sale Metal Material Bismuth Powder Price For Sale Low Price Cobalt Powder CAS 7440-48-4 Cheap Price Aluminium powder CAS 7429-90-5 Top Grade High Pure Molybdenum Powder Supply High Purity 99.9% Tungsten Powder High Purity 99% Selenium Powder Price 

Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer Humic Acid Sodium Salt 

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