Seven uses of magnesium sulfate

2022/10/28 16:05

Magnesium sulfate can produce completely different pharmacological effects due to different routes of administration. For example, oral magnesium sulfate is seldom absorbed and has laxative and cholagogic effects; external hot application of magnesium sulfate has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effects; and injection administration can also cause central inhibition and skeletal muscle relaxation, etc.

1. Oral magnesium sulfate is rarely absorbed in the intestine, so it has good laxative function, so magnesium sulfate is also called "laxative salt". Oral magnesium sulfate solution reaches the intestinal cavity, so that the water in the intestine is not absorbed by the intestinal wall. Therefore, magnesium sulfate can be used to treat constipation, abnormal fermentation in the intestine, and intestinal examination or preoperative preparation; combined with dewormer, it can also make intestinal parasites easy to expel. Each time can be 5 ~ 20 grams of magnesium sulfate dissolved in 100 ~ 400 ml of warm water, early in the morning oral 1 time.

2. Oral magnesium sulfate can also stimulate the duodenal mucosa, reflexively cause relaxation of the common bile duct sphincter, gallbladder contraction, thereby promoting the emptying of the gallbladder, "bile" effect, can be used for the treatment of cholecystitis, cholelithiasis. Each time 2~5 grams, 3 times a day, before meals or in the middle of meals orally. 

3. injection of magnesium sulfate, can inhibit the central nervous system, relax the skeletal muscle, with sedation, anti-spasmodic and reduce intracranial pressure and other effects. Commonly used in pediatric convulsions, moderate to severe gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, uremia, tetanus and hypertensive encephalopathy and other diseases of resuscitation. Clinical most of the 10% magnesium sulfate 10 ml deep intramuscular injection, or 5% glucose diluted into 2% ~ 2.5% solution slowly drip. 

4. injection administration, magnesium sulfate on the cardiovascular system also has a role. Large amount of magnesium ion can directly dilate the smooth muscle of peripheral blood vessels, causing sympathetic ganglion transmission disorder, thus causing vasodilation and blood pressure drop.

5. Injection of magnesium sulfate can relax bronchial smooth muscle by inhibiting cellular uptake of calcium, which helps to relieve the symptoms of critical asthma.

6. magnesium ion can directly inhibit the contraction of uterine smooth muscle, intravenous injection with drip magnesium sulfate, can treat premature labor until 2 hours after the cessation of contractions. But need to pay attention to, continuous medication time can not be too long.

7. magnesium sulfate also has the effect of anti-inflammatory to swelling, so 50% magnesium sulfate solution hot compress the affected area can reduce swelling, for the treatment of phlebitis, etc.