Market Dynamic Analysis from Shenyu Chemical

2021/12/01 11:48

Dear Sir or Madam,

Hope all is good with you. This is Alina from Shenyu Energy (Shandong) Development Co.,Ltd.

Today is 1st December 2021, the first day of December. Hope the good luck always with you in the new month.

Because of policy of limited electric use and Winter Olympics of 2022, most of factory production are effected.

So delivery time is become longer. In order to avoid any delay of your order, please take your time accordingly.

We will try our best to make delivery once received your order.

Shenyu Energy (Shandong) Development Co.,Ltd is a chemical raw material supplier since 2003.

Our advantage products are Ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol, Ethylene glycol, DMF, DOP etc.

Welcome contact if any interested.

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